Travel Necessities

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Whenever I go on a trip, I carry a small bag filled with things I need to keep me occupied. I'm sure you all have those too, I call them either my car bag or my plane bag depending on the method of travel that I'm going to be using. While some things may change, most items in my bag remain steadfastly the same, and I wanted to share those items with you. 

1) iPad
Having a larger screen, more storage space, and a bigger keyboard area, I often use my iPad to do work on Google Docs with documents I saved for use offline. Quite often, I just end up listening to music and playing solitaire, but it's the thought that counts right?

2) Mastiha Gum
I just recently discovered Mastiha gum, and let me tell you, you're missing out if you haven't had it. Mastiha gum has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, and it comes from the resin of a tree in Greece. It's super healthy, as I just mentioned, but it also tastes awesome. You know how Christmas trees smell? That's what it tastes like. 
(Buy it online here)

3) Mophie Case
As my iPhone battery continues to go through a slow and painful death, the Mophie case is my saving grace. If you don't know, the Mophie Case holds a charge and so when your phone dies it has between 1-2 additional battery charges worth of energy stored for use whenever you want. While Mophie was my brand of choice, I've heard many good things about the other brands of phone charger cases out there, and I think that any type is a good choice when it ends up being a huge help.

4) Sunglasses
I grew up wearing sunglasses 24/7 so this one is a given for me. Every person's face shape is different, and I think that it's extremely important to find a pair that fits your face and is versatile enough to wear every day with every outfit. Just remember before you opt out of wearing sunglasses next time- those squints today will be wrinkles in ten years. (scary right?)

5) Vogue
Any magazine really works in this case, but Vogue happens to be my drug of choice. It also happens to be the industry bible, so it's quite important. When traveling, especially if you aren't a fan of long books, getting a magazine with substantial articles can be both entertaining and a good way to spend time where it is abundant and you don't have anything else to do. 

6) Notebook and Pens
I'm of the opinion that ideas can strike you anywhere and you should always write it down, whether you think it's a good idea or a bad idea. Coming back to it later, it gives you the opportunity to think back on your ideas as well as reflect on your thought process. I'm a bit nostalgic in the sense that sometimes I just like doodling or writing on physical paper rather than in a word document, which seems to be the new norm in this internet-crazed world. If you're like me, grab a little pocket sized notebook to carry along with you on your latest adventure. You won't regret bringing it with. 

Backpack, Backpack

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It's hard to find backpacks these days that fit all my needs. Style, lightweight, big enough (but not too big) and of course, not insanely expensive. As a high school student, my backpacks take a lot of wear and tear throughout the year, with the heavy books they carry and being dropped on the ground before every class. I scoured the web for bags that I think are both stylish and could actually fit real books, and here are the results.
H: 16"
W: 15"
D: 5"

H: 15.25"
W: 13.25"
D: 6.25"

H: 11.75"
W: 15.75"
H: 16.7"
W: 13"
D: 8.5"

H: 42cm
W: 33cm

H- 44cm
W- 33cm
H: 31cm
W: 26cm

Erickson Beamon x LeSportsac
H: 11"
W: 10"
D: 5"
This Erickson Beamon x LeSportsac collaboration hasn't dropped in stores yet and won't until sometime in October. This might be helpful if you're trying to hold on to that old backpack but you know it's not going to make it the whole year. Maybe put it on your Christmas list?

All these backpacks are fantastic in my opinion, and I tried to represent a lot of different styles to match up good backpack ideas for everyone. Hopefully, each of you found one you love (even if you have to wait a few months to get it!).


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You all might hate me for this post. The side of me that wants a blanket and pillow with her at all times already hates me. Let's be honest, this has to be done. You know it, I know it, we all know it. So here goes:

This is a public service announcement for all teenage girls. Now is the time to stop wearing leggings! Yes, now. Right now. Leggings have completely taken over the wardrobe of most teenage girls, and we understand that there is a reason for that. They are effortlessly comfortable and you can choose anything from basic black to crazy galaxy prints. Let me just inform you that there are other options. There is still hope. If you don't feel that jeans are comfortable enough, let me introduce you to two new types of pants in stores this season. First is the wide legged pant, which gives you room to move while being made out of a usually silky and soft material. It's versatile, but even I will admit that it doesn't work on all types of people. If it does work on you, please take the plunge for people like me who can't wear wide legged pant and rock them 24/7. Second, there is the option of the loose-fitting yet still insanely attractive jogging style pant. Tighter at the bottom of the legs and looser at the hips, with an elastic waistband and soft material, these pants look very nice while feeling extremely similar to sweatpants. Remember the next time you grab a pair of leggings that there are other options out there for you, and that we want to help. You can get past this, and move in to greener pastures (and better pants). 

Will you be branching out this season to other pairs of pants besides leggings? Which ones?


FW14 Ad Campaigns: The New and The Noteworthy

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Fashion is all about new, right? New trends, new designers, new models, new faces, new looks...
This year, while I was covering the Fall/Winter 2014 ad campaigns, I decided to throw a twist on it and make it a superlatives competition, much like the one you would see in yearbooks. Take a look at who the winners are in my opinion, then scroll through the amazing ads for this season and see if you agree. I just want to make it clear right now though that every one below has been included because I have a fondness for the ad, whether it is because of it's designer, it's models, it's photographer or something involved thats less tangible such as it's originality, it's location or it's faith to the brand. 

Best Supermodel

Well, Gisele Bundchen is already quite a famous supermodel, but I have to give her props for the amount of ad campaigns she did this year. She has Isabel Marant, Emilio Pucci, Sonia Rykiel and Balenciaga to add to her portfolio this season, all of which she has been the singular model. 

Best Photographer

This is way too hard. I've always been a Juergen Teller fan, but I'm so much more obsessed with both Steven Klein's photography for Alexander Wang and Daniel Jackson's for Prabal Gurung that I'm stuck. I guess all three can win in my book. 
Side note: Daniel Jackson and the people at Prabal Gurung definitely win for creativity for putting their pattern created and used during fall 2014 collections as the background over the sky. 

Most Likely to Stay True to the Brand

I have to say, Donna Karan wins this one hands down. Their motto for the brand is 'Women in Motion' and the photography done by Steven Sebring showing the movements by the model, Karlie Kloss really emphasizes the idea of being constantly moving and constantly doing something, while still keeping attention on the clothes. 

Most Classic

In my opinion, the Blumarine ad campaign starring Thairine Garcia and shot by Camilla Akrans wins this one. I think, to some extent, it is a result of a female photographer knowing a woman's body as she's shooting and knows what looks best. However, I also think it is also a result of the clothing and the classic beauty of Thairine Garcia.

Most Likely to Disappoint Emma

Sorry Karl Lagerfeld, but this one's for you. I know you're super cool and interesting and I generally worship the ground you walk on, but I really do think you dropped the ball this year for your Chanel and Fendi photography. The last few seasons have been stunning, but this season didn't seem to be as all-in as the last. For Chanel, I understand where you were going with the boxing gym, but I think that should've then been explored more thoroughly, rather than just the obvious choices of posing with the ropes around the boxing stage, and posing in front of men boxing. The mirror shot was intelligent, I will give you that, but the styling of the Chanel jewelry on Cara made me think of a prior season's photoshoot. 

Adriana Lima for Jason Wu by Inez & Vinoodh

Anna Ewers, Vanessa Moody, Kaitlin Aas, Lexi Boling and Kat Hessen for Alexander Wang by Steven Klein

Bette Frank for Carolina Herrera by Greg Kadel

Cara Delevigne and Binx Walton for Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld

Cara Delevigne for Mulberry by Tim Walker

Helena Severin, Julia Nobis, Fei Fei Sun and Kasia Struss for Christian Dior by Willy Vanderperre

Edie Campbell for Sandro by Karim Sadli

Gisele Bundchen for Emilio Pucci by Mario Sorrenti

Gisele Bundchen for Isabel Marant

Gisele Bundchen for Sonia Rykiel by Juergen Teller

Gisele Bundchen for Balenciaga by Steven Klein

Alessio Pozzi, Jamie Bochert, Julia Nobis, Kendall Jenner, Mariacarla Boscono, Peter Brant, Veroniek Gielkens and Isabelle Huppert for Givenchy by Mert & Marcus

Julia Bergshoeff for Proenza Schouler by David Sims

Karlie Kloss for Donna Karan by Steven Sebring

Kate Moss for Stella McCartney by Mert & Marcus

Guinevere Van Seenus and Robbie McKinnon for Kenzo by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Charlotte GainsbourgLiya Kebede, Freja Beha Erichsen, Jean Campbell and Kirstin Liljegren for Louis Vuitton by Annie Leibovitz, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber

Mariacarla Boscono for Alberta Ferreti by Peter Lindbergh

Anna Ewers and Stella Tennant for Versace by Mert & Marcus

Mica Arganaraz and Karl Kolbitz for Prada by Steven Meisel

Stella Tennant, Carolyn Murphy, Linda Evangelista, Raquel Zimmermann, Saskia de Brauw and Karen Elson for Moschino by Steven Meisel

Nadja Bender for Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Prabal Gurung shot by Daniel Jackson

Stacy Martin for Miu Miu by Steven Meisel

Thairine Garcia for Blumarine by Camilla Akrans

Valerie Kaufman for Saint Laurent